Caregal (Karregal), Ḥayyim Moses ben Abraham

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CAREGAL (Karregal), ḤAYYIM MOSES BEN ABRAHAM (18th century), Sephardi ḥazzan of Jerusalem. Because of the heavy taxes imposed by the Jerusalem authorities, Caregal undertook a mission to Europe in the years 1712–14, both for the community and on his own behalf. This enabled him to arrange for the publication in Amsterdam of Sefer Yemin Moshe which appeared in 1718. This is a reprint with his own additions of the Yemin Moshe (Mantua, 1624) of Moses b. Joseph Ventura, a work on sheḥitah, very popular among the shoḥatim of Jerusalem. In the preface, he gives his biography as well as the novellae of his father, who, he said, was the only person to escape the Inquisition in *Reggio. The work also includes the Shoḥatei ha-Yeladim of Israel b. Moses *Najara, and the Zikkaron li-Venei Yisrael of Abraham b. Baruch Mizraḥi, a shoḥet of Jerusalem.


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Caregal (Karregal), Ḥayyim Moses ben Abraham

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