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Caresses ★★ Caricies 1997

Eleven short scenes confront the lack of tensenderness in the restless lives of a big city's middleinhabitants over the course of one night, until the film circles back to where it began—with the domestic argument between a young man and woman who no longer love each other. Adaptation of Belbel's play. Spanish with subtitles. 94m/C VHS, DVD . SP Julieta Serrano, Augustin Gonzalez, Sergi Lopez, David Selvas, Laura Conejero, Montserrat Salvador, Naim Thomas, Merce Pons, Jordi Dauder, Roger Coma, Rosa Maria Sarda; D: Ventura Pons; W: Ventura Pons, Sergi Belbel; C: Jesus Escosa; M: Carles Cases.