Camille 1936

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Camille ★★★½ 1936

Marguerite (Garbo) has found success as Parisian courtesan “La Dame aux Camille” but has never found love. Until she unwisely falls for a handsome but innocent, young aristocrat, Armand (Taylor). Still, Camille agrees to give him up, realizing her scandalous past will jeopardize his future. Oh yes, then she contracts TB and fades away beautifully in gowns by Adrian. This classic Alexandre Dumas story somehow manages to escape the cliches and stands as one of the most telling monuments to Garbo's unique magic and presence on film. 108m/B VHS, DVD . Greta Garbo, Robert Taylor, Lionel Barrymore, Henry Daniell, Elizabeth Allan, Rex O'Malley, Lenore Ulric, Laura Hope Crews; D: George Cukor; W: Frances Mar-Macion, James Hilton, Zoe Akins; C: William H. Daniels; M: Herbert Stothart. N.Y. Film Critics '37: Actress (Garbo).