Cadillac Ranch

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Cadillac Ranch ★★½ 1996 (R)

CJ (Amis), Frances (Feeney), and Mary Katharine (Humphrey) Crowley are three squabbling Texas sisters who have reunited to celebrate Mary K.'s upcoming marriage. CJ works in a strip club owned by greedy ex-Texas Ranger Wood (Lloyd), who sent their long-gone daddy, Travis (Metzler), to prison for a heist Wood was involved in. When CJ gets fired, the three-some steal a key from Wood that will supposedly access money from the heist and the vengeful Wood goes after them. 104m/ C VHS, DVD . Suzy Amis, Renee Humphrey, Caroleen Feeney, Christopher Lloyd, Jim Metzler, Linden Ashby; D: Lisa Gottlieb; W: Jennifer Cecil; C: Bruce Douglas Johnson; M: Christopher Tyng.