Buffalo Soldiers 1997

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Buffalo Soldiers ★★★ 1997

Post-Civil War western concerns the all-black Cavalry troops, created by Congress in 1866 to patrol the west. They received their nickname from the Indians, who thought the black soldiers on horseback looked like buffalo. A former slave and by the book Army man, Sgt. Washington Wyatt (Glover) leads the chase for Apache warrior Victorio (Lowe) across the New Mexico Territory while trying tp deal with the common degradation suffered by his troops at the hands of white officers. Lots of cruelty and explicit violence. 120m/C VHS, DVD . Danny Glover, Carl Lumbly, Bob Gunton, Tom Bower, Harrison Lowe, Glynn Turman, Michael Warren, Mykelti Williamson, Timothy Busfield, Gabriel Casseus; D: Charles Haid; W: Frank Military, Susan Rhinehart; C: William Wages; M: Joel McNeely. CABLE