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BRUCHAC, Joseph. American, b. 1942. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Children's fiction, Young adult fiction, Plays/Screenplays, Children's nonfiction, History, Literary criticism and history, Mythology/Folklore. Career: Teachers for West Africa, Ghana, English teacher and liaison officer, 1966-69; Skidmore College, English instructor, 1969-73; Great Meadow Correctional Facility, instructor and coordinator for the writing program, 1974-81; Hamilton College, faculty member, 1983, 1985, 1987; SUNY/Albany, faculty adjunct, 1987-88; Greenfield Review Literary Center, director, and Greenfield Review Press, Greenfield Center, NY, founder and co-editor, 1969-. Publications: FOR YOUNG ADULTS. FICTION: Turtle Meat and Other Stories, 1992; Dawn Land, 1993; Long River, 1995; Dog People, 1995; Children of the Longhouse, 1996; Eagle Song, 1997; The Arrow over the Door, 1998; The Waters Between, 1998; The Heart of a Chief, 1999; Sacajawea, 2000; Skeleton Man, 2001; The Journal of Jesse Smoke, 2001; Pocahontas, 2003; Hidden Roots, 2004. FOLK STORIES: Turkey Brother and Other Tales, 1975; Stone Giants & Flying Heads, 1978; Iroquois Stories, 1985; The Wind Eagle, 1985; The Faithful Hunter, 1988; The Return of the Sun, 1990; Hoop Snakes, Hide-Behinds and Sidehill Winders, 1991; Native American Stories, 1991; Native American Animal Stories, 1992; Flying with the Eagle, Racing the Great Bear, 1993; (with G. Ross) The Girl Who Married the Moon, 1994; Four Ancestors (songs & poems) 1994; The Boy Who Lived with the Bears, 1995; Native American Plant Stories, 1995; When the Chenoo Howls, 1998. NONFICTION: (with M.J. Caduto) Keepers of the Earth, 1988; (with M.J. Caduto) Keepers of the Animals, 1990; The Native American Sweat Lodge, History and Legends, 1993; (with M.J. Caduto) Keepers of Life, 1994; (with M.J. Caduto) Keepers of the Night, 1994; (ed.) Native Wisdom, 1995; Roots of Survival, 1996; Tell Me a Tale, 1997; Lasting Echoes, 1997; Bowman's Store (autobiography), 1998. FOR CHILDREN. FOLK STORIES: The First Strawberries, 1993; The Great Ball Game, 1994; Gluskabe and the Four Wishes, 1995; (with G. Ross) The Story of the Milky Way, 1995; Between Earth and Sky, 1996; The Maple Thanksgiving, 1996; (with M.J. Fawcett) Makiawisug, 1997. PICTURE BOOKS: (with J. London) Thirteen Moons on Turtle's Back (poetry), 1992; Fox Song, 1993; The Earth under Sky Bear's Feet, 1995; The Circle of Thanks (songs and poetry), 1996; Many Nations, 1997; Crazy Horse' s Vision, 2000; Squanto's Journey, 2001; (with James Bruchac) How Chipmunk Got His Stripes, 2001; (with James Bruchac) Turtle's Race with Beaver, 2003. NONFICTION: A Boy Called Slow, 1995; Trail of Tears, 2000; Navajo Long Walk, 2002. PLAYS: Pushing up the Sky, 2000. FOR ADULTS. POETRY: Indian Mountain and Other Poems, 1971; The Buffalo in the Syracuse Zoo, 1972; Great Meadow Poems, 1973; The Manabozho Poems, 1973; Flow, 1975; This Earth Is a Drum, 1976; Entering Onondaga, 1978; There Are No Trees inside the Prison, 1978; Mu'undu Wi Go, 1978; The Good Message of Handsome Lake, 1979; Translator's Son, 1980; Ancestry, 1981; Remembering the Dawn, 1983; Tracking, 1985; Walking with My Sons, 1985; Near the Mountains, 1986; Langes Gedachtnis/Long Memory, 1988; No Borders, 1999; Ndakinna/Our Land, 2003; Above the Line, 2003. NONFICTION: Survival This Way, 1990; Roots of Survival, 1996; (with M.J. Caduto) Native American Gardening, 1996; Trails of Tears, Paths of Beauty, 2001; Our Stories Remember, 2003. STORIES: Foot of the Mountain & Other Stories, 2004. EDITOR: Songs from This Earth on Turtle's Back, 1983; Breaking Silence, 1984; The Light from Another Country, 1984; North Country, 1986; New Voices from the Longhouse, 1988; Raven Tells Stories, 1991; Singing of Earth, 1993; Returning the Gift, 1994; Aniyunwiya/Real Human Beings, 1995; Smoke Rising, 1995. Address: PO Box 308, Greenfield Center, NY 12833, U.S.A. Online address:

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