Bruce, Lennart

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BRUCE, Lennart

BRUCE, Lennart. Swedish, b. 1919. Genres: Poetry, Translations, Novellas/ Short stories, Novels, Autobiography/Memoirs. Publications: Making the Rounds, 1967; Observations, 1968; Moments of Doubt, 1969; The Mullioned Window, 1970; The Robot Failure (novella), 1971; Letter of Credit, 1973; Subpoemas, 1974; Exposure, 1975; En Sannsaga (A True Fairytale, autobiography), 1982; The Broker, 1984; Utan synbar anledning (For No Apparent Reason, poems), 1988; Forskingringen (Misappropriations, poems), 1990; En nasares gang (The ways of a carpet bagger), 1993; Det andra ljuset (A Vilhelm Ekelund study), 1993; Kafferepet (The Coffee Break), 1994. TRANSLATOR: (with M. Zion) Instructions for Undressing of the Human Race, by F. Alegria, 1968; Agenda, by V. Ekelund, 1976; The Second Light, by V. Ekelund, 1986; (with S. Bruce) Speak to Me, 1989; (with S. Bruce) Poems In Our Absence, 1994. Died 2002.

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Bruce, Lennart

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