Brouwer, Sigmund

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BROUWER, Sigmund

BROUWER, Sigmund. Canadian, b. 1959. Genres: Children's fiction, Young adult fiction, Children's non-fiction, Young adult non-fiction. Career: Freelance writer. National Racquetball Magazine, editor; co-founder, lecturer, The Young Writer's Institute, 1993-. Publications: NOVELS: Morning Star, 1994; Moon Basket, 1994; Double Helix, 1995; Magnus, 1995; Sun Dance, 1995; Thunder Voice, 1995; Blood Ties, 1996; Blazer Drive, 1996; Chief Honor, 1997; Knights Honor, 1997; Pharaoh's Tomb, 1997; Pirate's Cross, 1997; Outlaw's Gold, 1997; Soldier's Aim, 1997; Galilee Man, 1997; Dance of Darkness, 1997. JUVENILE CHRISTIAN NOVELS. ACCIDENTAL DETECTIVE SERIES: Indians in the Deep Woods: A Ricky and Joel Adventure, 1988; The Mystery Tribe of Camp Blackeagle, 1990; Phantom Outlaw at Wolf Creek, 1990; The Disappearing Jewel of Madagascar, 1990; Lost beneath Manhattan, 1990; Race for the Park Street Treasure, 1991; Creature of the Mists, 1991; The Missing Map of Pirate's Haven, 1991; The Downtown Desperadoes, 1991; Madness at Moonshiner's Bay, 1992; Sunrise at the Mayan Temple, 1992; Short Cuts, 1993; Terror on Kamikaze Run, 1994. LIGHTNING ON ICE SERIES: Rebel Glory, 1995; All-Star Pride, 1995; Thunderbird Spirit, 1996; Winter Hawk Star, 1996. WINDS OF LIGHT SERIES: Wings of an Angel, 1992; Barbarians from the Isle, 1992; Legend of Burning Water, 1992; The Forsaken Crusade, 1992; A City of Dreams, 1993; Merlin's Destiny, 1993; The Jester's Quest, 1994. DR. DRABBLE SERIES (with W. Davidson): Dr. Drabble's Astounding Musical Mesmerizer, 1991; Dr. Drabble's Incredible Identical Robot Innovation, 1991; Dr. Drabble's Phenomenal Antigravity Dust Machine, 1991; Dr. Drabble's Remarkable Underwater Breathing Pills, 1991; Dr. Drabble's Spectacular Shrinker-Enlarger, 1994; Dr. Drabble and the Dynamic Duplicator, 1994. NONFICTION: Snowboarding-To the Extreme-Rippin', 1996; Mountain Biking-To the Extreme-Cliff Dive, 1996; Scuba Diving-To the Extreme-Off the Wall, 1996; Sky Diving-To the Extreme-'Chute Roll, 1997. Address: 15 Howarth St., Red Deer, AB, Canada T4N 6J6. Online address:

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