Brahmananda, Palahally Ramaiya

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BRAHMANANDA, Palahally Ramaiya

BRAHMANANDA, Palahally Ramaiya. Indian, b. 1926. Genres: Economics. Career: Bombay University, research assistant, 1950-54, lecturer in economics, 1954-56, reader in monetary economics, 1956-63, professor, 1963-89, director Department of Economics, 1976-86; national fellow ICSSR, 1977-79; RBI Nat. Professor, 1990;Delhi University, visiting professor, 1985. Publications: (with C.N. Vakil) Planning for a Shortage Economy, 1952; (with C.N. Vakil) Economics of Electricity Planning, 1992; (with C.N. Vakil) Planning for an Expanding Economy, 1956; Studies in Welfare Maximization, 1959; The New Classical vs. the Neo-Classical Economics, 1967; The Gold-Money Rift: A Classical Theory of International Liquidity, 1969; Explorations in the New Classical Theory of Political Economy and a Connected Critique of Economic Theory, 1974; Determinants of Real National Income and of Price Level, 1976; The Falling Economy and How to Revive It, 1977; Planning for a Futureless Stockless Money, 1980; The I.M.F. Loan and India's Economic Future, 1982; Productivity in the Indian Economy: Rising Inputs for Falling Outputs, 1982; Employment Policy in a Developing Country, 1983; (ed) Development Process in the Indian Economy, 1986; Planning for a Wage-Goods Economy, 1994; Indian Economy: Crisis-Adjustment-Crisis, 1995; Money, Interest & Exchange Rates, 1997. Author of articles on different aspects of economic theory and the Indian economy. Address: The Indian Economic Journal, Srishaila Nilaya, No. 12, Kalappa Block, Basavanagudi, Bangalore 560 016, India.