Bobbie's Girl

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Bobbie's Girl ★★ 2002

Meandering drama long on theatrics and short on sense. American Bailey (Peters) and her lover, Englishwoman Bobbie (Ward) run a pub in a seaside town near Dublin, assisted by Bailey's brother David (Silverman). Bobbie is diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time she learns that her estranged brother and his wife have died and their 10-year-old son, Alan (Sang-ster), is orphaned into Bobbie's care. Bobbie and Alan are naturally struggling to cope with their situations while eccentrics (they're both ex-actors) Bailey and David try to provide encouragement. 100m/C VHS, DVD . Bernadette Peters, Rachel Ward, Jonathan Silverman, Thomas Sangster; D: Jeremy Paul Ka-gan; W: Samuel Bernstein; C: Ciaran Tanham; M: Bruce Broughton. CABLE