Bob le Flambeur

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Bob le Flambeur ★★★ Bob the Gambler 1955

Aging Bob (Duchesne) is a down-on-his-luck gambler who visits the Deauville Casino with his friend Roger (Garret), who just happens to know croupier Jean (Cerval). Informed that the casino safe is bursting with cash, Bob decides to have a final fling by robbing the casino. Low-budget, bittersweet crime comedy. French with subtitles. 97m/B VHS, DVD . FR Roger Duchesne, Isabel Corey, Daniel Cauchy, Howard Vernon, Gerard Buhr, Guy Decomble; D: Jean-Pierre Melville; W: Jean-Pierre Melville, Au- guste Le Breton; C: Henri Decae; M: Jean Boyer, Eddie Barclay.