The Blood Oranges

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The Blood Oranges ★½ 1997 (R)

Pretentious film is set in the anything-goes '70s in a tropical backwater village. Bohemian marrieds Cyril (Dance) and Fio-na (Lee) believe in fulfilling every sexual fantasy but their latest exchange of marital partners comes with unexpected complications. Fiona is attracted to photographer Hugh (Lane), who resists her charms for more deviant behavior, while Hugh's wife Catherine (Robins) is easily seduced by Cyril's courtship. Dialogue is laughable and the acting equally overblown. Based on the novel by John Fowles. 93m/C VHS, DVD . Charles Dance, Sheryl Lee, Colin Lane, Laila Robins, Rachael Bella; D: Philip Haas; W: Belinda Haas, Philip Haas; C: Bernard Zitzermann; M: Angelo Badalamenti.