The Black Widow 2005

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The Black Widow ★★ Before It Had a Name 2005

Upon the death of her lover, Eleanora (Colagrande) visits his eccentric estate known as the Rubber House, to discover more about this mysterious man. The caretaker (Defoe) is more than willing to help her discover a few secrets she herself has been hiding. Amateur attempts all around make for a direc-tionless, awkwardly spoken tale. Dafoe might want to consider different writing partners. 99m/C DVD . US IT Giada Colagrande, Willem Dafoe, Seymour Cassel, Claudio Botosso; D: Giada Colagrande; W: Giada Colagrande, Wil-lem Dafoe; C: Ken Kelsch; M: Gyorgy Ligeti.