Blood of Dracula's Castle

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Blood of Dracula's Castle ★★ Dracula's Castle; Castle of Dracula 1969

Couple inherits an allegedly deserted castle, but upon moving in discover Mr. and Mrs. Dracula have settled there. The vampires keep young women chained in the dungeon for continual blood supply. Also present are a hunchback and a werewolf. Awesome Adamson production is highlighted by the presence of the gorgeous Volante. Early cinematography effort by the renowned Laszlo Kovacs. 84m/C VHS, DVD . John Carradine, Alexander D'Arcy, Paula Raymond, Ray Young, Vicki Vo-lante, Robert Dix, John Cardos, Ken Osborne; D: Jean Hewitt, Al Adamson; W: Rex Carlton; C: Laszlo Kovacs.