Blonde Ambition

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Blonde Ambition ★½ 2007 (PG-13)

Simpson plays a clueless blonde (how's that for typecasting?) in this would-be comedy that at least has a couple of supporting performances to save it. Naive Katie heads to NY to see her boyfriend, discovers him cheating, but bucks up when she suddenly gets a job working for a bigshot CEO (Larry Miller) and begins dating Ben (a befuddled Wilson) from the mailroom. The job is a set-up by a couple of sleazy co-workers (Penelope Ann Miller, Dick) looking for a corporate takeover and the blonde must save the day. 93m/C DVD . Jessica Simpson, Luke Wilson, Larry Miller, Penelope Ann Miller, Andy Dick, Rachael Leigh Cook, Drew Fuller, Willie Nelson; D: Scott Marshall; W: John Cohen; C: Mark Irwin.