Blondel, Jean (Fernand Pierre)

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BLONDEL, Jean (Fernand Pierre).

BLONDEL, Jean (Fernand Pierre). French, b. 1929. Genres: Politics/Government. Career: University of Siena, Visiting Professor, 1996-. Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, Member, 1990-. University of Keele, Staffs., Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer in Politics, 1958-63; Yale University, American Council of Learned Societies Fellow, 1963-64; University of Essex, Colchester, Professor of Government, 1964-84; Carleton University, Ottawa, Visiting Professor of Political Science, 1969-70; Russel Sage Foundation, NY, Visiting Scholar, 1984-85; European University Institute, Florence, Professor of Political Science, 1985-94, External Professor, 1994. Publications: Voters, Parties and Leaders, 1963; (with F. Ridley) Public Administration in France, 1964; (with F. Bealey and P. McCann) Constituency Politics, 1965; An Introduction to Comparative Government, 1969; Comparing Political Systems, 1972; (with V. Herman) A Workbook for Comparative Government, 1972; Comparative Legislatures, 1973; The Government of France, 1974; Thinking Politically, 1976; Political Parties, 1979; World Leaders, 1980; The Discipline of Politics, 1981; The Organisation of Governments, 1982; Government Ministers in the Contemporary World, 1985; Political Leadership, 1987; Comparative Government, 1990; (with R. Sinnott and P. Svensson) People and Parliament in the European Union, 1998; (with F.M. Rommel) Cabinets in Eastern Europe, 2001. EDITOR: Comparative Government, 1971; (with F.M. Rommel) Cabinets in Western Europe, 1988; (with J.L. Thiebault) The Profession of Cabinet Minister in Western Europe, 1991; (with Rommel) Governing Together, 1993; (with M. Cotta) Party and Government, 1996; (with Cotta) The Nature of Party Government, 2000. Address: 15 Marloes Rd, London W8 6LQ, England.