Bissett, Bill

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Nationality: Canadian. Born: William Frederick Bissett, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 23 November 1939. Education: Dalhousie University, Halifax, 1956–57; University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 1963–65. Family: Has one daughter. Career: Has worked as a record store clerk, librarian, house painter, ditch digger, gas station attendant, bean picker, disc jockey, construction worker, sign painter, English tutor, fence builder, and hauler. Editor and printer, Blewointmentpress, Vancouver, 1963–83; co-founder, Very Stone Press, Vancouver, 1966–67. Writer-in-residence, University of Western Ontario, London, 1985–86; writer-in-library, Woodstock Library, Ontario. Artist: Individual Shows—Vancouver Art Gallery, 1972, 1984; Western Front Gallery, Vancouver, 1977, 1979; Embassy Cultural House, London, Ontario, 1986; Pizza Rico's, Vancouver, 1986; Neoartism Gallery, Vancouver, 1986; 382A Powell St. Studio, Vancouver, 1986; Selby Hotel, Toronto, 1989. Awards: Canada Council grant, 1967, 1968, 1972, 1979, bursary and travel grant, 1971, 1977. Address: Box 273, 1755 Robson Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6G 1C9, Canada.



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Bill Bissett comments:

Poet and painter: abt equal time nd involvment, been merging th fields for sum time now, since abt '62 nd previous with concrete poetry, which i early got into with lance farrell, allowing th words to act visually on th page, was aware of such effects before i cud accept th use of say grammatical thot in writing as such appeard too limiting to th singularly amazing development of th person.

spelling—mainly phonetic

syntax—mainly expressive or musical rather than grammatic

visual form—apprehension of th spirit shape of th pome rather than stanzaic nd rectangular

major theme—search for harmony within th communal self thru sharing (dig Robin Hood), end to war thereby—good luck

characteristic stylistic device—elipse

favorite poet—mick jagger

general source—there is only one, nd th variation that spawnd th fingrs of night woven grace issue (romanticism or elevation, i don't feel th I, i.e., ME writes but that i transcribe indications of flow mused spheres sound), from a hoop

*  *  *

Bill Bissett was a big part of West Coast Canadian counterculture in the 1960s and 1970s. By the late 1980s he had moved to London, Ontario, given up drugs, and cut his hair, but otherwise the same wild spirit reigned.

Bissett claims that he cannot spell or write correctly: "the way is clear, the free hard path, no correct spelling, no grammar rules." Puns seem to replace meter: "hes closin in all the doors then iul open them yer all stond." Drugs, in the period just before crack and AIDS, offered silly, seemingly innocent visions. Stupidity is almost faked and, as in Chaucer, adds to the difficulty of the "dialectic" of speeding speech:

   did yu blow cock eat cunt make a good
   business deal and still relate were yu are
   yu happy were yu good just once did you today
   have an existential moment in no time were yu
   normal today did yu screw society but found
   sum innocent outlets like no one knew or evry
   one knew did yu buy sum orange pop sticks green
   ones did yu have a treat and were clean were yu
   a dirty outlet for a while managin at th same
   time to find pleasure in nature and read a thot
   conditionin book by a provocative author did …

Bissett asks a lot of questions. His monologues are unpunctuated but best when interrogatory. They are written by someone who is outside himself and make rapid connections. Perhaps calling Popsicles "pop sticks" is a trifle cutesy; on the other hand, why give free advertisements, even in poems? Bissett draws and paints, writes concrete and political poetry, charming narratives, and sound poetry. But there is sadness, still interrogatory:

   why just when my body nd souls startin to fit
   sum they rip it all up mother i was happy
   in sum of those open spaces why hard times
   again did yu catch me foolin with th images
   now how can i carry any once cross this
   swamp ium sinkin in th deep mud myself

Bissett wears a mask in his poetry; the art in a man's face, the lines, are not fictive. Still, Burroughs and Warhol are distant from Bissett; closer are Patchen or Oppenheimer or, among the ancient modernists, Cummings.

Bissett's 1971 volume Nobody Owns th Earth values the earth, love, and country. It may be precisely the down-homeness, the provinciality, of Canada that pushes Bissett beyond sadness into heavy hopelessness:

   there is
   to hope
   the candul
   yu lit it
   is going
   there is
   to hope
   shut out
   the wind
   there is
   to hope
   a sea of
   skulls in
   th harbor

These lines are from a chant in which Bissett turns from a benign "mother" to give some orders to "flame." His assertive mood is heavy. When he stops asking and hoping, he starts hinting at an apocalypse. Of course, that hinting is itself a hoping, the hope for an end.

—Michael Andre