Bisset, Jacqueline 1944–

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Bisset, Jacqueline 1944–

(Jackie Bisset, Jacky Bisset)


Surname is pronounced "Biss-it"; full name, Winnifred Jacqueline Fraser-Bisset; born September 13, 1944, in Weybridge, Surrey, England; daughter of Max Fraser (a doctor) and Arlette Alexander Bisset (a lawyer and homemaker). Education: Attended the French Lycee, London, England.

Addresses: Agent—Artmedia, 20, av. Rapp, Paris 75007, France; Steve Kenis & Company, 72 Dean St., London W1D 3SG, England. Manager—Binder & Associates, 1465 Lindacrest Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Publicist—Guttman Associates PR, 118 South Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

Career: Actress, producer, and model. Appeared in print ads for Palizzio Shoes, 1989. Also worked as a waitress.

Awards, Honors: Golden Globe Award nomination, most promising newcomer—female, 1969, for The Sweet Ride; Golden Laurel Award, second place, female new face, 1970, for Bullitt; Golden Laurel Award nomination, best dramatic performance, female, 1971, for The Grasshopper; Golden Apple Star of the Year, Women's Press Club, 1978; Golden Globe Award nomination, best motion picture actress—musical/comedy, 1979, for Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?; Golden Globe Award nomination, best performance by an actress in a supporting role in a motion picture, 1985, for Under the Volcano; CableACE Award nomination, actress in a movie or television, 1985, for Forbidden; Cesar Award nomination, best supporting actress, 1996, for La ceremonie; Emmy Award nomination, outstanding supporting actress in a miniseries or movie, 1999, Golden Globe Award nomination, best performance by an actress in a supporting role in a series, miniseries, or motion picture made for television, 2000, both for Joan of Arc; Cine-Merit Award, Munich Film Festival, 2001; Honorary Roger, Avignon/New York Film Festival, 2001; Lifetime Achievement Award, Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival, 2003; Town of Karlovy Vary Award, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, 2004; Pioneer Award, LA Femme Film Festival, 2005.


Film Appearances:

(Uncredited) Extra, The Knack … and How to Get It (also known as The Knack), United Artists, 1965.

Arrivederci, Baby! (also known as Drop Dead Darling), Paramount, 1966.

(As Jacky Bisset) Giovanna Goodthighs, Casino Royale (also known as Charles K. Feldman's "Casino Roy-ale"), Columbia, 1966.

(As Jackie Bisset) Jacqueline, Cul-de-sac, Sigma III, 1966.

Candy, The Cape Town Affair (also known as Escape Route Cape Town), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1967.

Jackie, Two for the Road, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1967.

Vicki Cartwright, The Sweet Ride, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1967.

Cathy, Bullitt, Warner Bros., 1968.

Norma MacIver, The Detective, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1968.

Herself, "Bullitt': Steve McQueen's Commitment to Reality, 1968.

Anna, The First Time (also known as The Beginners, The Beginners Three, Doin' It, They Don't Wear Pajamas at Rosie's, and You Don't Need Pajamas at Rosie's), United Artists, 1969.

Wendy, L'echelle blanche (also known as Secret World), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1969.

Christine Adams, The Grasshopper (also known as The Passing of Evil and Passions), National General, 1970.

Gwen Meighen, Airport, Universal, 1970.

Paula Clarkson, The Mephisto Waltz, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1970.

Jenny, Secrets (also known as Adultery), Satori Films, 1971.

Pamela, Believe in Me, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1971.

Rose Bean, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, National General, 1972.

Sheila Hammond, Stand Up and Be Counted, Columbia, 1972.

Julie/Pamela, La nuit americaine (also known as Day for Night and Effetto notte), Warner Bros., 1973.

Laura, The Thief Who Came to Dinner, Warner Bros., 1973.

Tatiana/Christine, Le magnifique (also known as How to Destroy the Reputation of the Greatest Secret Agent …, Come si distrugge la reputazione del piu grande agente segreto del mondo, and The Magnificent One), Cine III, 1973.

Countess Andrenyi, Murder on the Orient Express, Paramount, 1974.

Anna Crawley, Der Richter und sein Henker (also known as End of the Game, Getting Away with Murder, Murder on the Bridge, and Assassinio sul ponte), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1975.

Helen Mallory, The Spiral Staircase, 1975.

Anna Carla Dosio, La donna della domenica (also known as The Sunday Woman and La femme du dimanche), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1976.

Janet Whistler, St. Ives, Warner Bros., 1976.

Natasha O'Brien, Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? (also known as Someone Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe, Too Many Chefs, Die Schlemmerorgie, Ein Kochtopf voller Leichen, La grande cuisine, and Qualcuno sta uccidendo i piu grandi cuochi d'europa), Warner Bros., 1976.

Gail Berke, The Deep, Columbia, 1977.

Liz Cassidy, The Greek Tycoon, Universal, 1978.

Louise, Amo non amo (also known as I Love You, I Love You Not and Together?), Castle Hill, 1979.

Kay Kirby, When Time Ran Out … (also known as The Day the World Ended and Earth's Final Fury), Warner Bros., 1980.

Liz Hamilton, Rich and Famous, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1981.

Barbara Hallsworth, Inchon, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1982.

Ellen Burroughs, Class, Orion, 1983.

Herself, Observations Under the Volcano (documentary), TeleCulture, 1984.

Yvonne Firmin, Under the Volcano, Universal, 1984.

Notes from "Under the Volcano," 1984.

Nina von Hadler, Forbidden (also known as Versteckt), 1984.

Katherine Shaw, High Season, Hemdale, 1987.

Jane Lambert, La maison de jade (also known as The House of Jade), Cine 5, 1988.

Clare Lipkin, Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills, Cinecom, 1989.

Claudia Dennis, Wild Orchid, Vision, 1989.

Nicole Chantrelle, The Maid (also known as Un amour de banquier), Media Home Entertainment, 1990.

Isabelle Colbran, Rossini, Rossini!, [France and Italy], 1991.

Est and Ouest: Les paradis perdus (also known as East and West: Paradises Lost), 1993.

Hoffman's honger (also known as Hoffman's Hunger), 1993.

Frederique, Les marmottes (also known as The Groundhogs), Lumiere, 1993.

Holly McPhee, Crimebroker (also known as Corrupt Justice), A-Pix Entertainment, 1993.

(In archive footage) La femme de l'helicoptre, La classe americaine, 1993.

Catherine Lelievre, La ceremonie (also known as A Judgment in Stone, Biester, and Blutiger Engel), MK2 Productions, 1995.

Paola Franco, Dangerous Beauty (also known as Courtesan, A Destiny of Her Own, The Honest Courtesan, and Venice), Warner Bros., 1998.

Helen Lyne, Let the Devil Wear Black, Trimark Pictures, 1999.

Geraldine, New Year's Day, Les Films du Losange, 2000.

Angie, Les gens qui s'aiment (also known as People Who Love Each Other and Los que se aman), CTV International, 2000.

Frances, The Sleepy Time Gal, Antarctic Pictures, 2001.

Herself, Day for Night: A Conversation with Jacqueline Bisset (documentary short film), Warner Home Video, 2003.

Lila Montagne, Latter Days, TLA Releasing, 2003.

Christine/Mrs. DeLuca, Swing, Crazy Dreams Entertainment, 2003.

Herself, Making "Murder on the Orient Express" (documentary), Paramount Home Video, 2004.

Maureen Doherty, Fascination (also known as Heart of Stone), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 2004.

(Scenes deleted) Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Twentieth Century-Fox, 2005.

Headmistress, The Fine Art of Love: Mine Ha-Ha (also known as L'educazione fisica delle fanciulle), 2005.

Sophie Wynn, Domino, New Line Cinema, 2005.

Also appeared in A Sunny Night's Dream.

Film Producer:

(Uncredited) Rich and Famous, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1981.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Josephine de Beauharnais, Napoleon and Josephine: A Love Story, ABC, 1987.

Herself, Hollywood Women (documentary), ITV, 1994.

Isabelle d'Arc, Joan of Arc (also known as Jeanne d'Arc), CBS, 1999.

Mary, Jesus (also known as La Bibbia: Jesus and Die Bibel—Jesus), CBS, 1999.

Sarah, In the Beginning, NBC, 2000.

(In archive footage) Retrosexual: The '80s, VH1, 2004.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Title role, Anna Karenina, CBS, 1985.

Herself and the role of Julie, Vivement Truffaut (also known as Hommage a Truffaut), 1985.

Marisa Granger, Choices, ABC, 1986.

Nell Bergen, Leave of Absence, NBC, 1994.

Pandora, September (also known as Rosamunde Pilcher's "September"), Showtime, 1996.

Sheila Gaines, Once You Meet a Stranger (also known as Don't Talk to Strangers), CBS, 1996.

Christine Van Buren, End of Summer, Showtime, 1997.

Barbara Thomas, Witch Hunt, HBO, 1999.

Lady Lewis, Britannic, Fox Family, 2000.

Madame Simone, Sex and Mrs. X, Lifetime, 2000.

Maggie, Dancing at the Harvest Moon, CBS, 2002.

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, America's Prince: The John F Kennedy, Jr., Story, TBS, 2003.

Herself, Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession, Independent Film Channel, 2004.

Carol Rosen, The Survivors Club, CBS, 2004.

Alexia, Summer Solstice, 2005.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Herself, The Making of "The Deep" (documentary), 1977.

Pavarotti and Friends, ABC, 1982.

Herself, The Making of "Class" (documentary), 1983.

Night of 100 Stars II (also known as Night of One Hundred Stars), ABC, 1985.

Herself, Godunov: The World to Dance In (documentary), 1985.

Host, Women of the World (also known as Women of Intrigue), syndicated, 1987.

Host, The Hollywood Fashion Machine, American Movie Classics, 1995.

Herself, Intimate Portrait: Jacqueline Bisset, Lifetime, 1997.

Herself, Frank Sinatra: The Very Good Years, PBS, 1998.

Herself, Steve McQueen: King of Cool, American Movie Classics, 1998.

Narrator, Impressionists on the Seine, PBS, 1998.

Herself, AFI's 100 Years … 100 Stars (documentary), CBS, 1999.

Narrator, John Singer Sargent: Outside the Frame, PBS, 2000.

Television Appearances; Awards Presentations:

Presenter, The 48th Annual Academy Awards, ABC, 1976.

Presenter, The 61st Annual Academy Awards, ABC, 1989.

Host, 49th Annual Golden Globe Awards, TBS, 1992.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Herself, Parkinson, BBC, 1982.

Herself, Late Night with David Letterman, NBC, 1983.

Herself, Aspel & Company, ITV, 1986, 1990.

Joan Rivers: Can We Talk?, 1986.

Entertainment Tonight, syndicated, 1988, 1989.

The Pat Sajak Show, CBS, 1989.

Herself, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, NBC, 1990.

Primero izquierda, 1992.

De tu a tu, 1992.

Herself, Tal cual, 1993.

Esto es lo que hay, 1996.

Herself, "Anthony Quinn," Biography, Arts and Entertainment, 1998.

Herself, "The Hustons: Hollywood's Maverick Dynasty," Biography, Arts and Entertainment, 1998.

Voice of Madame Parvenu, "Grudge Match/Polishing Rhonda," Hey Arnold! (animated), Nickelodeon, 1999.

"Mickey Rourke," The E! True Hollywood Story, E! Entertainment Television, 1999.

Herself, "Roman Polanski: Reflections of Darkness," Biography, Arts and Entertainment, 2000.

Herself, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, CBS, 2000.

Herself, So Graham Norton, Channel 4, 2001.

Herself, Larry King Live, CNN, 2001.

Frances Shaw, "I Want Love," Ally McBeal, Fox, 2001.

Frances Shaw, "Playing with Matches," Ally McBeal, Fox, 2002.

Herself, "Carre Otis," The E! True Hollywood Story, E! Entertainment Television, 2002.

Herself, "Sharon Tate: Murdered Innocence," Biography, Arts and Entertainment, 2002.

Juliet Barclay, "Control," Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (also known as Law & Order: SVU and Special Victims Unit), NBC, 2003.

Herself, The Sharon Osbourne Show (also known as Sharon), syndicated, 2004.

(In archive footage) Herself, Cinema mil, 2005.

Herself, Car Cruzin', 2005.

Herself, "Wetten, dass …? aus Duesseldorf," Wetten, dass …?, 2005.

Herself, Corazon de …, 2006.

Stage Appearances:

Night of 100 Stars II (also known as Night of One Hundred Stars), Radio City Music Hall, New York City, 1985.



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