Bernard and Doris

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Bernard and Doris ★★★ 2008

Doris (Sarandon) is eccentric, cynical, lonely, aging billionaire tobacco heiress Doris Duke. Bernard Lafferty (Fiennes) is her Irish, gay, alcoholic butler. They form a delightfully oddcouple partnership where the evermore devoted Bernard protects Doris from hangerson (and herself)—so much so that Duke made Lafferty the executor of her will (and when he died, he left everything to her trusts). Gets the bones for the Sarandon/Fiennes combo alone even if Sarandon looks waaaaay too good as the ravaged Duke. 109m/C DVD . Susan Sarandon, Ralph Fiennes, James Rebhorn, Nick Rolfe; D: Bob Balaban; W: Hugh Costello; C: Mauricio Rubinstein; M: Alex Wurman. CABLE

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Bernard and Doris

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