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Bellyfruit ★★ 1999

Film, which refers to pregnancy, was inspired by the real-life stories of teen mothers in L.A. 14yearold Shanika is living in a home for troubled girls when she's taken in by the charms of Damon, equally young Christina witnesses her mother (who had Christina when she was a teen) drug and party and decides to follow her example, while 16year-old Aracely becomes pregnant by her boyfriend Oscar. Although he stands by her, Aracely's traditional Latin father kicks her out of the house. And when they have their babies, the teens lives just get more confused. 95m/C VHS, DVD . Kelly Vint, Tamara La Seon Bass, Tonatzin Mondragon, T.E. Russell, Michael Pena, Bonnie Dickenson, Kimberly Scott, James Dumant; D: Kerri Green; W: Kerri Green, Maria Bernhard, Suzannah Blinkoff, Janet Borrus; C: Peter Calvin.