Because of You 1995

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Because of You ★★ Kyoko 1995 (R)

Jose (Osorio), a CubanAmerican serviceman stationed in Japan, taught the young Kyoko how to do latin dancing. When she's 21, Kyoko (Takaoka) travels to New York to see Jose again. When she does find him, she discovers Jose has AIDS and no longer remembers much of his past, including Kyoko. Terminally ill, his one wish is to be reunited with his family in Miami. Kyoko decides to drive Jose home, hoping somehow he'll come to remember her. 85m/C VHS, DVD . Saki Takaoka, Carlos Osorio, Scott Whitehurst, Mauricio Bustamante, Oscar Colon, Bradford West, Angel Stephens; D: Ryu Murakami; W: Ryu Murakami; C: Sarah Cawley.