Baylis, John

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BAYLIS, John. British, b. 1946. Genres: International relations/Current affairs, Military/Defense/Arms control. Career: University of Liverpool, Lecturer, 1969-71; University of Wales, Aberystwth, Dept. of International Politics, Lecturer, 1971-83, Sr. Lecturer, 1983-89, Reader, 1989-92, Professor and Dean of Social Sciences, 1989-. National Defence College, Latimer, Academic Adviser, 1975-82. Publications: (co-author) Contemporary Strategy: Theories and Policies, 1975; (ed.) British Defence Policy in Changing World, 1977; Anglo-American Defence Relations 1939-80, 1980, 1984; (ed.) Soviet Strategy, 1980; (co-author) Nuclear War, Nuclear Peace, 1983, 1988; (ed.) Alternative Approaches to British Defence Policy, 1984; (co-author) Contemporary Strategy: Theories and Concepts, vol. I, 1987; (co-author) Contemporary Strategy: The Nuclear Powers, vol. II, 1987; (with others) Britain, NATO and Nuclear Weapons, 1989; British Defence Policy: Striking the Right Balance, 1989; (co-ed.) Makers of Nuclear Stategy, 1990; Dilemmas of World Politics, 1992; (co-ed.) The Diplomacy of Pragmatism, 1993; Ambiguity and Deterrence: British Nuclear Strategy, 1945-63, 1995; (co-ed.) Alternative Nuclear Futures: The Role of Nuclear Weapons in the Post-Cold War Era, 2000. Address: Dept. of International Politics, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Dyfed, Wales. Online address: [email protected]