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Augustin ★★ 1995

Very short comedy about aspiring actor Augustin (Sibertin-Blanc), who may just get his break when he hears about a part for a room-service waiter and prepares himself rigorously by actually getting a job in a Paris hotel. Pathetically earnest and dignified, at the actual audition he bewilders actor Lhermitte, when instead of just reading the scene, Augustin proceeds to act it out in detail. Very slight but charming thanks to a deadpan performance by Sibertin-Blanc (who's also director Fontaine's brother). French with subtitles. 61m/C VHS . FR Jean-Chretien Sibertin-Blanc, Thierry Lhermitte, Stephanie Zhang, Nora Habib, Guy Casabonne; D: Anne Fontaine; W: Anne Fontaine; C: Jean-Marie Dreu-jou.


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