Alias Jesse James

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Alias Jesse James ★★ 1959 (PG)

Insurance agent Milford Farnsworth (Hope) is an eastern tenderfoot who holds a policy on Jesse James (Corey). So he heads west to make certain the outlaw doesn't get killed. Only Jesse sets Milford up as himself, hoping to collect on his own policy. Fleming's the local beauty. A number of western stars have cameos, coming to Hope's rescue. 92m/C VHS . Bob Hope, Rhonda Fleming, Wendell Corey, Jim Davis, Gloria Talbott, Will Wright, Mary (Marsden) Young, Joseph (Joe) Vitale; Cameos: Hugh O'Brian, Ward Bond, James Arness, Roy Rogers, Fess Parker, Gail Davis, James Garner, Gene Autry, Jay Silverheels, Bing Crosby, Gary Cooper; D: Norman Z. McLeod; W: William Bowers, D.D. Beauchamp; C: Lionel Lindon.