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Alianza Cívica

Alianza Cívica is a Mexican nongovernmental (NGO) electoral organization organized shortly before the Mexican presidential election in April 1994. Seven organizations with experience in election observations combined their efforts to create an honest electoral setting by involving some twenty thousand volunteers, including large numbers of foreign visitors, in observing the electoral process. It has observed all of the federal elections between 1994 and 2003, and many local elections. Alianza Cívica played a major role in improving the electoral process and legitimizing Mexican elections, thus contributing significantly to the democratic transformation in Mexico. Most political analysts also attribute many improvements in the functions and tasks of the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) to past Alianza Cívica criticisms and suggestions.

Alianza Cívica has also published numerous reports on media bias in past elections, as well as problems with vote buying in the 2000 presidential election. It continues to pursue civic education programs to better inform potential voters, and has concentrated significantly on educating voters about their federal representatives, as well as about congressional functions. It has encouraged increased citizen participation in making their demands heard before congress and in monitoring campaigns for members of congress from each district. It also maintains affiliates in each of the thirty-two administrative divisions of Mexico. It frequently organizes citizen conferences, similar to those of the League of Women Voters in the United States, designed to educate and inform voters about leading public policy issues. Alianza Cívica is one of the NGOs held in the highest regard by Mexicans.

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