Watson, Edith (1861–1943)

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Watson, Edith (1861–1943)

American photographer . Born in 1861 in New England; died in 1943, probably in Canada; companion of writer Victoria Hayward.

Edith Watson created portraits, landscapes and social documentation as a photographer in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. From the mid-1890s until 1930, she traveled extensively through Canada, photographing Canadians at work. She was especially well known for her work on the Quebecoises in 1910 and the Doukhobors in 1919. Her photographs of Mennonites in the prairies and clam diggers and fishermen in Cape Breton are among her most popular. Watson's work was widely published in magazines. In 1911. she entered into a relationship with writer Victoria Hayward which continued until her death from a ruptured ulcer in 1943.


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Judith C. Reveal , freelance writer, Greensboro, Maryland

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