Vipsania Agrippina (?–20 CE)

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Vipsania Agrippina (?–20 ce)

Roman matron . Died in 20 ce; daughter of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa and his first wife Pomponia ; half-sister of Agrippina the Elder ; married (future emperor) Tiberius (divorced 11 bce); married Asinius Gallus; children: (first marriage) Drusus the Younger.

In the year 14 ce, Caesar Augustus forced Tiberius to divorce Vipsania Agrippina, the mother of his child, and marry the emperor's own recently widowed daughter Julia (39 bce–14 ce). In love with Vipsania, Tiberius was very unhappy with his marriage to Julia, who had a scandalous reputation. Wrote Suetonius: "One day, [Tiberius] accidently caught sight of Vipsania and followed her with tears in his eyes and intense unhappiness written on his face." Henceforth, safeguards were taken to ensure that he would never see her again.