Sullerot, Evelyne (1924—)

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Sullerot, Evelyne (1924—)

French sociologist and journalist. Born Evelyne Annie Henriette Pasteur on October 10, 1924, in Montrouge, France; daughter of André Pasteur and Georgette (Roustain) Pasteur; educated at Compiègne, Royan and Uzès, and then at the universities of Paris and Aixen-Provence; married François Sullerot, in 1946; children: three sons and one daughter.

Co-founded the French Family Planning Association (1955); served as an advisor to the United Nations, the International Labour Organization, and the European Economic Community; authored several books on women's issues.

Evelyne Sullerot was born in 1924 in Montrouge, France. She studied at Compiègne, Royan and Uzès, and took courses at the universities of Paris and Aix-en-Provence. After her 1946 marriage to François Sullerot, she taught for two years in the first of what would be a series of increasingly prestigious teaching posts. In the mid-1960s, Sullerot was a teacher at the French Press Institute, as well as a professor at the Free University of Brussels and head of the Faculty of Letters at the University of Paris.

Her teaching positions aside, Sullerot earned renown as the co-founder in 1955 of the French Family Planning Movement. Sullerot expertly combined her interests in feminism and sociology as secretary-general of the organization from 1955 to 1958, after which she became honorary president. Her expertise in women's issues resulted in an impressive body of published work, as well as advisory posts to the United Nations, the European Economic Community, and the International Labour Organization. In addition, she became a member of the French Economic and Social Council.

Sullerot's traditional feminist philosophies flavored her numerous books, including La vie des femmes (1964), Demain les femmes (1965), Histoire et sociologie du travail féminin (1968), La femme dans le monde moderne (1970), Les françaises aux travail (1973), Histoire et mythologie de l'amour (1976), and L'âge de travailler (1986). Sullerot focused much of her attention on the impact of women's professional activities on family structures and trends in industrial societies.


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Sullerot, Evelyne (1924—)

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