Poston, Elizabeth (1905–1987)

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Poston, Elizabeth (1905–1987)

English pianist and composer . Born on October 24, 1905, in Highfield, Hertfordshire, England; died on March 18, 1987, in Highfield, Hertfordshire, England; studied at the Royal College of Music; never married; no children.

Compositions include:

The Holy Child (for chorus, vocal soloists, and string orchestra, 1950); Concertino da Camera on a Theme of Martin Peerson (for ancient instruments, 1950); The Nativity (for chorus, vocal soloists, and string orchestra or organ, 1951); Trio for Flute, Clarinet or Viola, and Piano (1958); Peter Halfpenny's Tunes (for recorder and piano, 1959); Lullaby and Fiesta (two pieces for piano, 1960); Magnificat (for four voices and organ, 1961); 3 Scottish Carols (for chorus and strings or organ, 1969); Harlow Concertante (for string quartet and string orchestra, 1969); An English Day Book (for mixed voices and harp, 1971); Sonatina for Cello and Piano (1972).

An alumna of the Royal College of Music and a student of Harold Samuel, Elizabeth Poston published her first composition in 1925, and shortly thereafter heard her violin sonata broadcast by the BBC. During World War II, she was the director of music in the Foreign Service of the BBC in London, and she later served as president of the Society of Women Musicians (1955–61). Poston's wide range of compositions includes choral music, hymns, Christmas carols, and music for radio dramas and films. One of her most notable contributions is an edited collection of folk music which she gathered during her travels. The musician and composer died in her native England on March 18, 1987.