Postolsky, Shalom

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POSTOLSKY, SHALOM (1893–1949), composer. Born in Siedlce, Poland, he went to Ereẓ Israel in 1920 and was among the founders of kibbutz En-Harod in 1921. Some years later he began composing songs for the needs of the kibbutz and also arranged the *omer and *seder ceremonies of En-Harod. Later he settled in Bet Yiẓḥak. His songs include Kumah Eḥa, Elef Laylah ve-Od Laylah, Ba-Ḥashai Sefinah Gosheshet (Olim), Bikkurim Peri Hillulim (all to texts by Y. *Shenhar), Ha-Shibbolim Penimah, Im Garin Zarata (*Levi Ben-Amitai), and Ein Zeh Pele (N. *Alterman), generally corrupted to Eizeh Pele.