Pargeter, Edith (c. 1913–1995)

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Pargeter, Edith (c. 1913–1995)

British author. Name variations: (pseudonym) Ellis Peters. Born around 1913; died in Madeley, England, on October 14, 1995.

Although she wrote some 60 books, including historical novels and a wartime trilogy, Edith Pargeter, who wrote under the name Ellis Peters, is remembered primarily as the creator of the popular Cadfael Chronicles, a series of murder mysteries about a crime-solving 12th-century monk. The stories, some of which were filmed for PBS television starring Sir Derek Jacobi, were bestsellers and translated into 20 languages.

Pargeter began writing crime stories in 1959, turning out a series of Inspector Felse novels. She published her first book featuring the Benedictine monk Brother Cadfael in 1977. In addition to his intellect and powers of observation, Cadfael's skill as an herbalist also aided him in his detective work. The author's other books include The Heaven Tree Trilogy and Brothers of Gwynedd Quartet, as well as a set of historical novels, and The Eighth Champion of Christendom, a wartime trilogy. She also won an award for several Czech translations. Pargeter resided for most of her life in the Shropshire area of western England, which was also the setting of her Cadfael stories. She died there on October 14, 1995, following a stroke.


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