Musi, Maria Maddalena (1669–1751)

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Musi, Maria Maddalena (1669–1751)

Italian singer who was one of the highest paid of her era. Name variations: Known as La Mignatta (the leech). Born in Bologna on June 18, 1669; died in Bologna on May 2, 1751; daughter of Antonio Musi and Lucrezia Mignati; married Pietro degli Antoni.

In 1689, Maria Maddalena Musi was given an annual salary by Ferdinand Carlo Gonzaga, duke of Mantua. She was also given a passport and the title "virtuosa." In addition to performing privately for the duke, Musi made many public performances as well. In 1689, she sang in Sabadini's Teodora clemente, Legrenzi's Guistino, and Perti's Siracusano. In Naples from 1696 to 1700 and again in 1702, she received a salary of 500 Spanish doubloons. Money, titles, and privileges rained down on the singer who was extremely popular with audiences throughout Italy. She retired in 1726.


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