Musgrove, Frank

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MUSGROVE, Frank. British, b. 1922. Genres: Education, Sociology, History. Career: Sarah Fielden Professor Emeritus of Education, University of Manchester, since 1982 (Fielden Professor, 1970-82; Ed., Research in Education, 1971-76; Dean, Faculty of Education, 1976-78). Professor of Sociology, University of California (Davis), 1969. Professor of Research in Education, University of Bradford, 1965-70. Publications: The Migratory Elite, 1963; Youth and the Social Order, 1964; The Family, Education and Society, 1966; Faith and Scepticism in English Education, 1966. (with P. H. Taylor) Society and the Teacher's Role, 1969; Patterns of Power and Authority in English Education, 1971; Ecstasy and Holiness: Counter Culture and the Open Society, 1974; Margins of the Mind, 1977; School and the Social Order, 1979; Education and Anthropology, 1982; The North of England: A History from Roman Times to the Present, 1990. Address: Dibscar, The Cedar Grove, Beverley, E. Yorks HU17 7EP, England.