Marietta (fl. 1430s)

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Marietta (fl. 1430s)

Mistress of the king of Cyprus . Born in the Greek city of Patras; mistress of John II, the Lusignan king of Cyprus (r. 1432–1458); children: illegitimate son, James II the Bastard, king of Cyprus (b. in either 1440 or 1441); possibly mother of Anne of Lusignan .

Marietta was the mistress of the king of Cyprus, John II. At some point, John's queen Helen Paleologina literally bit off Marietta's nose. Henceforth, Marietta was commonly referred to as "Crop-nosed," and the rivalry between Helen's and Marietta's children, which had been bitter, grew rancid.

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Marietta (fl. 1430s)

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