Maria-Kyratza Asen (fl. late 1300s)

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Maria-Kyratza Asen (fl. late 1300s)

Empress of Nicaea. Flourished in the late 1300s; daughter of Ivan Alexander; married Andronicus IV Paleologus, emperor of Nicaea (r. 1376–1379); children: John VII Paleologus (d. 1408), emperor of Nicaea (r. 1390).

Maria-Kyratza Asen was married to the Byzantine emperor Andronicus IV Paleologus. When he tried to overthrow his father John V, Andronicus was blinded and thrown into prison along with Maria-Kyratza and their infant son. It was said that Maria rubbed salve into his eyes and restored his sight.

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Maria-Kyratza Asen (fl. late 1300s)

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