Mariamne the Hasmonian (c. 60–c. 29 BCE)

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Mariamne the Hasmonian (c. 60–c. 29 BCE)

Wife of Herod the Great. Name variations: Mariamme the Hasmonaean. Born c. 60 bce; executed around 29 bce; dau. of Alexandra (d. 27 bce) and Alexander (d. 49 bce); granddau. of Hyrcanus II; became 2nd wife of Herod the Great, 37 bce; children: Alexander and Aristobulus (both born c. 35 bce); grandchildren: Herod of Chalcis and Herod Agrippa I.

As Herod's favorite wife, was bitterly opposed by his 1st wife Doris and his sister Salome, whose partisans took every opportunity to blacken Mariamne's name; because of rumors, was executed for adultery.

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