Margaret of Burgundy (1290–1315)

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Margaret of Burgundy (1290–1315)

Queen of Navarre and France . Name variations: Margaret Capet; (Fr.) Marguerite of Bourgogne. Born in 1290; died on August 14, 1315, in Château Gaillard, France; daughter of Robert II (b. 1248), duke of Burgundy, and Agnes Capet (1260–1327, daughter of Louis IX of France); sister of Jeanne of Burgundy (1293–1348, first wife of Philip VI of France); married Louis X the Headstrong (1289–1316), king of France (r. 1314–1316), on September 23, 1305 (annulled before August 1315); children: Joan II of Navarre (1309–1349)

Margaret of Burgundy, queen of Navarre and France, was married for ten years to Louis X, king of France. She was convicted of adultery, imprisoned, then smothered to death on August 14, 1315. Louis married Clemence of Hungary (1293–1328) that same month.

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