Marcia (fl. 177–192 CE)

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Marcia (fl. 177–192 ce)

Imperial concubine . Flourished in the late 2nd century, between 177 and 192 ce.

After the banishment of Empress Bruttia Crispina in 177, Marcia became the mistress of Marcus Aurelius Commodus, the Roman emperor. Marcia, who is said to have been a Christian, became influential after the death of Commodus' longtime friend and chamberlain Cleander in 189. Three years later, in 192, she played a leading role, with Eclectus and Aemilius Laetus, in the plot to murder Commodus. On New Year's Eve, they tried to poison him to no avail. They then convinced an athlete named Narcissus to strangle him.

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