Marciniak, Barbara (fl. ca. 1988)

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Marciniak, Barbara (fl. ca. 1988)

Barbara Marciniak is a contemporary trance channel best known for her reception of material from entities said to originate in the Pleiades star cluster. She was raised in a Polish-American family and in the 1970s became a student of the Seth Material channeled by Jane Roberts. Marciniak emerged out of obscurity on May 18, 1988, when what is described as a collective from the Pleiades began to speak through her. She was on a trip with a New Age group at the time, visiting ancient sites in Egypt and Greece. She felt she was led to reexperience these sites as part of her present life and was in Greece when the channeling emerged.

The Pleiades had been suggested as a source for extraterrestrial contact in the 1980s by Eduard Albert "Billy" Meier, a Swiss flying saucer contactee. Two picture books, several volumes recounting his contact claims, and some videos purporting to show saucers from the Pleiades freely circulated through the North American New Age community beginning in 1979. Marciniak's contact with the Pleiadians was among the first contacts independent of references directly to Meier's work. The first significant publication of post-Meier Pleiadian channeled material had been produced by Barbara Hand Clow, and it was to the publishing concern at which Clow was employed that Marciniak turned to publish her first book, Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians. Released in 1992, it became one of the most important volumes of the post-New Age era. Two subsequent books with the same publisher have followed.

Through Marciniak, the Pleiadians suggested that they had come to the Pleiades from another universe that had "attained completion." Earthlings are working on reaching completion, and the Pleiadians are here to assist that process. Their presence heralds the transition from the third dimension to higher dimensions. Also, according to the Pleiadians, humanity was planned as an experiment of the Prime Creator, who sent out extensions of itself into the unknown with the command to create. These extensions, creator gods, began to create new hierarchies, further extensions. Eventually a plan evolved to create Earth. Geneticists took DNA from many species to produce the human race. From these primal observations, the Pleiadians have offered an alternative view of the meaning and purpose of human life.

An organization, Bold Connections (P.O. Box 6521, Raleigh, NC 27628), has been created to distribute Marciniak's tapes and books and to coordinate her teaching activity. She does not have a webpage, but information about the continuing messages from the Pleiadians can be found at


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