Lollia Paulina (fl. 38–39 CE)

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Lollia Paulina (fl. 38–39 ce)

Roman noblewoman and empress. Reigned as empress, 38–39 ce; daughter of M. Lollius (consul in 21 bce); married Memmius Regulus; married Caligula (12–41), Roman emperor (divorced).

Known for her dazzling beauty, Lollia Paulina was taken from her husband Memmius Regulus by Caligula and briefly reigned as his third wife from 38 to 39 ce. (Caligula's first wife was Junia Claudilla ; his second was Livia Orestilla ; his fourth was Milonia Caesonia .) Following the death of Valeria Messalina in 48 ce, Callistus the freedman suggested that Lollia Paulina would be a suitable rival to Agrippina the Younger for Emperor Claudius' hand. Agrippina disagreed; her jealousy led to Lollia Paulina's exile and eventual death.