Julia (c. 18 BCE–28 CE)

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Julia (c. 18 bce–28 ce)

Roman noblewoman. Name variations: Vipsania Julia. Born around 18 or 19 bce; died in 28 ce; daughter of Julia (39 bce–14 ce) and Marcus Agrippa; granddaughter of Octavian also known as Augustus (Roman emperor); sister of Agrippina the Elder ; married Lucius Aemilius Paullus; children: M. Aemilius Paullus; Aemilia.

In 8 ce, the 26-year-old Julia was banished by Augustus into perpetual exile to the island of Tremerus for adultery. Her stepgrandmother Livia Drusilla , her main support, kept her alive until 28 ce.