Julia and Julia

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Julia and Julia ★★½ 1987 (R)

A beautiful American woman in Trieste is tossed between two seemingly parallel dimensions, one in which her husband died six years earlier in a car crash, and the other in which he didn't. A purposefully obscure Italian-made psychological thriller, filmed in high-definition video and then transferred to film stock, it has a very different look and feel from other films of the genre. Intriguing and engaging most of the time, slow moving and confusing some of the time, it ultimately challenges but fails adequately to reward the viewer. 98m/C VHS . Kathleen Turner, Sting, Gabriel Byrne, Gabriele Ferzetti, Angela Goodwin; D: Peter Del Monte; W: Joe Minion, Sandro Petraglia, Silvia Napolitano, Peter Del Monte; C: Giuseppe Rotunno; M: Maurice Jarre.