Isabelle of France (1349–1372)

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Isabelle of France (1349–1372)

French princess. Name variations: Isabella de France; Isabella or Isabelle of Valois. Born in 1349; died in 1372; daughter of Jean or John II the Good (1319–1364), king of France (r. 1350–1364), and Bona of Bohemia (1315–1349); sister of Charles V (1337–1380), king of France (r. 1364–1380), and Jane of France (1343–1373), queen of Navarre; married John Galeas Visconti also known as Giangaleazzo or Gian Galeazzo Visconti (1351–1402), lord of Milan (r. 1378–1402), duke of Milan (r. 1396–1402), in 1364; children: a son who died young; Valentina Visconti (1366–1408); and two others.

Isabelle of France was born in 1349, the daughter of John II the Good, king of France, and Bona of Bohemia . Because of the costs incurred during the Hundred Years' War, John II was desperately in need of funds when Galeazzo II, lord of Milan, offered to pay 100,000 florins in order that the king's daughter might marry his son. Thus, in 1364, 14-year-old Isabelle of France married 12-year-old Gian Galeazzo, the future duke of Milan. Their first son was born two years later, but he died in childhood. Isabelle had three other children, but her daughter Valentina Visconti was the only child to survive. Isabelle died in 1372, age 22, following the birth of her fourth child. Gian Galeazzo's second wife was his cousin Catherine Visconti . He also had many illegitimate children: including son Gabriele Maria Visconti with Agnese Mantegazza and possibly two other sons with a woman named Lusotta .

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Isabelle of France (1349–1372)

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