Guillelma de Rosers (fl. 1240–1260)

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Guillelma de Rosers (fl. 1240–1260)

Provençal troubadour. Name variations: Guillelma of Rougiers. Flourished between 1240 and 1260 in southern France.

Guillelma was a Provençal troubadour who maintained a long-term love relationship with a lawyer-troubadour from Genoa. Her identity is unclear, but she was probably from the town of Rougiers on the Cote d'Azur. She apparently met her lover, Lanfrancs Cigala, when Lanfrancs visited Provence. Later, Guillelma spent a good deal of time in Genoa, causing one troubadour to write a poem honoring her and asking her to return to Provence. Whether she was married or not is not known; presumably she would not have been, at least at the time of her stay in Genoa with Lanfrancs. The couple exchanged at least one tenson which still survives, in which they debate the loyalty a lover owes his lady.

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Guillelma de Rosers (fl. 1240–1260)

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