Guillemain, Louis-Gabriel

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Guillemain, Louis-Gabriel

Guillemain, Louis-Gabriel, French violinist and composer; b. Paris, Nov. 15, 1705; d. Chaville, near Paris, Oct. 1, 1770. He studied in Paris and then with G.B. Somis in Italy. By 1729 he was in Lyons, where he soon was made 1st violinist of the Dijon Academy of Music. Returning to Paris, he became a musicien ordinaire to Louis XV in 1737. He was notably successful at the court as both a violinist and composer. His ballet-pantomime L’opemteur chinois (Paris, Dec. 12, 1748) enjoyed extraordinary success. In later years, he was plagued by alcoholism and is believed to have taken his own life. He publ. 18 instrumental opus numbers (1734-62). His 12 trio syms., as well as several of his chamber sonatas, reveal a composer of discernable talent.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Guillemain, Louis-Gabriel

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