Frechette, Sylvie (1967—)

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Frechette, Sylvie (1967—)

Canadian synchronized swimmer who won the gold medal in the Barcelona Olympics. Name variations: Sylvié Fréchette. Born on June 27, 1967, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada; coached by Julie Sauvé and Denise Sauvé .

Began involvement in synchronized swimming (1975); was a member of the Canadian National Team (1983–92); won the Commonwealth Games championship (1986 and 1990); won the World championship (1991); won the silver medal at the Atlanta Olympics (1996).

Canadian Sylvie Frechette won a highly contested silver for synchronized swimming (solo) in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. When one judge pushed the wrong button by mistake, giving her a lower score, she was inched out of a gold medal. Frechette's total score of 191.717 was topped by America's Kristen Babb-Sprague 's 191.848. Though the judge immediately admitted the error, the Olympic Committee would not change the outcome. It took 18 months of determined appeals by indignant Canadians for Sylvie Frechette to receive her gold medal. Kristen Babb-Sprague also retained hers.

Known as a superb technician in the water, Frechette had won many international championships, including the 1986 and 1990 Commonwealth Games. She was the only athlete to receive seven perfect 10's at the 1991 World Aquatic championships for solo event. She was chosen female athlete of the year by the Aquatic Federation of Canada in 1989, 1990, 1991, and 1992. In 1996, Frechette came out of retirement for the Atlanta Olympics and placed second for the silver medal.