Ella (1864–1918)

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Ella (1864–1918)

Princess of Hesse-Darmstadt and grand duchess of Russia. Name variations: after her marriage, became known as Elizabeth Feodorovna; Grand Duchess Elizabeth; Elizabeth or Ella Saxe-Coburg. Born Elizabeth Alexandra Louise on November 1, 1864, in the city of Darmstadt in the German principality of Hesse-Darmstadt; murdered by the Bolsheviks around July 17, 1918, and thrown down a mine pit in Alapaievsk, Russia, the day after her brother-in-law Tsar Nicholas II, her sister Empress Alexandra Feodorovna , and her nephew and nieces were slaughtered; second daughter of Prince Louis of Hesse-Darmstadt and Princess Alice Maud Mary (1843–1878) of Great Britain; granddaughter of Queen Victoria , queen of England (r. 1837–1901); educated by private tutors; married Grand Duke Serge of Russia (Sergius Alexandrovitch, son of Tsar Alexander II), on June 15, 1884.

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