Elizabeth (fl. 1st c.)

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Elizabeth (fl. 1st c.)

Biblical woman and mother of John the Baptist. Name variations: Elisabeth; Saint Elizabeth. Flourished in the 1st century; a descendant of Aaron; married Zachary also known as Zacharias (a priest); children: St. John the Baptist.

According to the Bible, though Elizabeth and her husband Zacharias "were both righteous before God" (Luke 1:5, 13), Elizabeth was barren until late in life. Then an angel foretold to her husband about the birth of a son, and she conceived John the Baptist, who was considered the forerunner of Christ. Elizabeth was six months' pregnant when she was visited by her cousin Mary the Virgin . In Mary's presence, Elizabeth felt the child move inside her as if to welcome the Messiah, whom Mary was carrying (Luke 1:39–63). Elizabeth's feast day is on November 5.

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Elizabeth (fl. 1st c.)

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