Brady, Alice (1892–1939)

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Brady, Alice (1892–1939)

American actress. Born in New York City on November 2, 1892; died of cancer in 1939; daughter of William A. Brady (noted stage and film producer); studied voice.


As Ye Sow (1914); The Boss (1915); The Cup of Chance (1915); The Lure of Woman (1915); The Ballet Girl (1916); Tangled Fates (1916); Miss Petticoats (1916); La Vie de Boheme (1916); The Gilded Cage (1916); Bought and Paid For (1916); A Hungry Heart (1917); The Dancer's Peril (1917); Darkest Russia (1917); Maternity (1917); The Divorce Game (1917); Betsy Ross (1917); The Maid of Belgium (1917); Her Silent Sacrifice (1917); Woman and Wife (1918); The Knife (1918); The Spurs of Sybil (1918); The Ordeal of Rosetta (1918); The Whirlpool (1918); The Death Dance (1918); The Indestructible Wife (1919); Marie Ltd. (1919); Redhead (1919); His Bridal Night (1919); The Fear Market (1920); Sinners (1920); The New York Idea (1920); Out of the Chorus (1921); Little Italy (1921); The Land of Hope (1921); Dawn of the East (1921); Hush Money (1921); Anna Ascends (1922); Missing Millions (1922); The Leopardess (1923); The Snow Bride (1923); When Ladies Meet (1933); Broadway to Hollywood (1933); Beauty for Sale (1933); Stage Mother (1933); Should Ladies Behave? (1933); The Gay Divorcée (1934); Gold Diggers of 1935 (1935); Lady Tubbs (1935); Metropolitan (1935); The Harvester (1936); My Man Godfrey (1936); Go West Young Man (1936); Three Smart Girls (1937); Mama Steps Out (1937); 100 Men and a Girl (1937); In Old Chicago (1938); Joy of Living (1938); Goodbye Broadway (1938); Zenobia (1939); Young Mr. Lincoln (1939).

Alice Brady made her stage debut at 14. Starting her screen career in 1914, she played romantic leads throughout World War I but reappeared on the New York stage in 1918 and became a Broadway star. When she returned to Hollywood in the early 1930s, she abandoned straight roles for light comedy. Brady was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in My Man Godfrey in 1936 and won Best Supporting Actress for her performance in In Old Chicago in 1938. She died soon after shooting a featured role in John Ford's Young Mr. Lincoln (1939).

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Brady, Alice (1892–1939)

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