Arsinoe III (fl. c. 250–210/05 BCE)

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Arsinoe III (fl. c. 250–210/05 bce)

Egyptian princess. Pronunciation: Ar-SIN-o-ee. Birth date unknown; died between 210 and 205 bce; daughter of Ptolemy III Euergetes and Berenice II of Cyrene (c. 273–221 bce); (following a Pharaonic practice) sister and wife of Ptolemy IV Philopator; children: Ptolemy V Epiphanes.

The presence of Egyptian royal Arsinoe III greatly encouraged the troops at the battle of Raphia in the 4th Syrian War (217), in which Antiochus III the Great was defeated. The victory restored most of the Syrian coast to the Ptolemies. Arsinoe III's brother-husband Ptolemy IV Philopator put her to death between 210 and 205 bce to please his mistress Agathocleia , a Samian dancer.

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Arsinoe III (fl. c. 250–210/05 BCE)

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